Spybaiting | Technique of Silent Capture

  • "I started to catch a lot of fish, different fish.
    Anytime you can catch multiple species of fish on a single bait, well, you probably have something."

    – Jeff Miller, Angler`s Dream Champion
  • "I was exposed to the technique by three professional anglers,
    who were working real hard to keep it a secret…
    once I learned the idiosyncracies, I was sold."

    – Jeff Jenema, Bassmaster North Open Champion
  • "Spybaiting is a great presentation for fish that are suspended and inactive.
    These are the hardest fish to get to bite, with this presentation I feel like I am catching fish that otherwise I would not be catching."

    – Kevin Hawk, Bassmaster Elite Pro
  • "During my travels, one thing I learned is how diverse the Spinbait actually is.
    It helped me catch some of the largest stringer of fish on my home lake of Lake Guntersville and proven itself also absolutely deadly on giant smallmouth..."

    – Casey Martin, FLW Pro