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The Spybaiting Technique

January 8, 2015 | Tips & Tricks |

As you research spybaiting you will see although the presentation has been out for a while and although many companies produced baits there is no company that understands the idiosyncrasies of spybating better than DUO. You will see more tournament quality fish and more trophy fish have been caught on the three Realis Spinbait models than all other spybaits collectively. This is because we didn’t duplicate a lure; we created a lure to expand the tournament range and actually gave the angler an ability to win.

There is much more coming from the spybaiting technique, it will see much wider application and will continue to be a reliable for the tournament angler. Stay tuned for more pros tips on these pages to help you improve your spybaiting game…

David Swendseid, DUO`s R&D Specialist and Product Manager, considers himself a student of bass angling and fish behavior and credits his beginning knowledge of lure design and action to renowned Tom Seward. A seasoned veteran with a tenure at Lucky Craft and Jackal, David is considered a true expert of bass angling industry and a JDM authority. You can connect to David via Facebook.