Spybaiting | Technique of Silent Capture


Spybaiting Essentials

Ultra-finesse Hard Bait Technique

“Spybaiting”, the epitome of refinement in a finesse technique. The lure designed for this technique is DUO/Realis’s Spinbait.

The origin of spybaiting is rumored to have occurred around Lake Biwa 2007/ 2008. Others mention its popularity near Tokyo, Chiba and Yokohama where are many small bodies of water. At that time versions of using a lure with propellers took on names like “pro-bait” and “screw-bait or Bi-hadou (also known as micro-wave)”.  However, during that time anglers were attaching propellers to many lures: swimbaits, jerkbait-bodied lures, even jig-heads, in fact, using a propeller became so popular that anglers were purchasing just propellers to attach to front of their lures.

DUO studied the concept and created a compact design with specially tuned propellers that incorporated more subtle actions than conceived by other manufacturers. Its compact yet heavy body harbors a fixed ballast system made to increase trajectory and improve target orientation and provide a heavy roll action. This combination emulates the shimmer-effect of baitfish. Spinbait also possesses specially designed cupped propellers, which provide more pulsation at slower revolutions.

The technique called “Spybaiting” is considered an ultra-finesse hard bait technique requiring light line, long casts and in-line retrieves. Manipulation of the technique requires concentration and steady slow retrieves.

But the results are mind altering. It is a finesse technique that catches big fish as well as numbers.  It has recently, hit the US shores and quietly professional Tour anglers are using the technique with great success.

DUO/Realis invites you to become familiar with the deadly finesse presentation known as “Spybaiting”, the technique of Silent Capture.